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Blow Bar

Blow Bar

Hairwash INCLUDE

Chic & Sleek

Look stylish and modern with our Chic and Sleek hairstyle! You can tell everyone “I woke up like this” and don’t worry it will be our little secret.

Waves for days

Look flirty and fun with the Waves for Days Hairstyle! You have the option of having loose or tight curls with this style. Ride that feeling of stealing hearts and looks!

For the little ones

A thrilling style sure to make your little one even cuter than she already is. Watch out world. Here she comes

"I Do" updo

Time to hit the red carpet with this sumptuous style! This is the do that brings out the glam in you. The only issue You’ll have is dodging those paparazzis.

Updo a la carte

We make you shine with your own design.